Five Tips for Successful PSD to HTML Conversion

Published: 09th August 2011
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Ever since the demand of website designing has skyrocketed, conversion from PSD to HTML/XHTML has become an important aspect of web development. PSD refers to Photoshop Data files and it is an Abode Photoshop format. Since you cannot use directly a PSD file as a website, it first needs to be converted into mark-up languages like HTML/XHTML. Once the conversion from PSD to HTML is completed, your website is ready to launch. The benefit of converting PSD to HTML or PSD to XHTML is that these mark-up languages are cross browser compatible (Google chrome, Mozilla etc.) and search engine friendly. XHTML is an advanced version of HTML and is a building block of web pages.

PSD to HTML/XHTML and PSD to CSS also decide the performance and functionality of a website. That is why; you need to make sure that this conversion is done in the right way. Conversions from design to HTML are done by professionals; it requires a detailed knowledge of programming and coding.

With the growing popularity of conversions from PSD to HTML, PSD to CSS and design to XHTML, there are some tips that are really helpful in these conversions-

1.Conversion from PSD to HTML is an authentic method to customize your website and to get a well designed website from plain PSD formats. Your website becomes cross browser compatible and withdraws good web traffic after the conversion. Today, numbers of browsers have increased and you need to make sure that your website (from PSD to HTML) is accessible through all of them. Therefore, it is important to have conversion done by a good and professional PSD to HTML service provider.

2.It requires good skills and acumen to convert PSD to XHTML; professionals should be experienced with knowledge of coding. Besides, it should be W3C standard complaint which is used to approve main web guidelines, specification and tools.

3.The other essential tip for successful PSD to HTML conversion is the guarantee of semantic coding. Semantic coding makes sure that content appears in the same manner as it was designed.

4.For a successful PSD to XHTML conversion, Pixel perfect conversion is really crucial. Make sure that your service provider provides pixel perfect coding for every sliced page.

5.There should an assurance of a clean code structure, so that every page of website is error free.

6.You need to check with your service provider whether they offer software integration or not. converts your design files from various common image formats into best quality cross-browser compatible W3C validated XHTML/CSS markup. Check for our PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS services.

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